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The History of Simol

Vittorio Silvani
Simol Founder
Simol was established in the mid-1960s in northern Italy, at a time when Italy was  beginning to develop agricultural mechanization.

The beginning of Simol's activities, in fact, is linked to the specific need of providing support jacks for new models of two-wheel trailed agricultural machinery.

Over the years, the range of products offered by Simol has increasingly expanded to meet the changing needs of the market. Larger machines, the need for greater load capacities, and so the jacks have become increasingly high-performance.

Gear boxes are introduced to the patented two-speed system to lift more weight with less effort and reduced time. New ranges of hydraulic as well as mechanical jacks are developed, up to the most advanced solutions offered today, such as Novel Jack, the first Isobus-certified mechatronic jack in the world.

The excellence of our product lies in the craftsmanship. We pay attention to quality in all aspects of production starting with raw materials and customer service.

These aspects make us recognizable and a benchmark in the industry all over the world.