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SIMOL aims at offering its customer the highest possible satisfaction when interacting with the Company.

As to guarantee a high-quality product and service offer from the initial approach to the after-sales service, SIMOL develops a continuous and lasting relationship with its customers.

As to continuously improve its processes, SIMOL enforced its own Quality Management System, in full compliance with the provisions of ISO9001-2015 according to 8 parameters that are perfectly implemented and essential for good corporate management:
  • Focus on the customer
  • Leadership
  • Staff involvement
  • Approach by processes
  • Systemic approach to management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Decisions based on factual data
  • Mutual benefit relationships with suppliers
In addition, each jack of the "Simol Q" range, besides being ISO12140 certified, is manufactured according to the ISO 3834/2 certified welding process as to guarantee the repeatability of the welding process itself and the traceability of the production parameters for each batch manufactured.

ISO 3834/2 certification is valid only for ISO12140 "SIMOL Q" certified jacks. 

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