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Supporting your work

We are the European leaders in the design and manufactor of supporting wheels and jacks. And we work hard each day to continue to be so. 

Simol was established in Luzzara, in the Emilia Romagna region, in the early Sixties as a craft workshop. Since the 1960's our job has been to create high-quality support systems. 

Initially, our production was orientated towards the field of agricultural equipment, but subsequently extended its scope to include components for car trailers, construction machineries and industrial vehicles, rapidly becoming one of the best-known names in the sector.
Stefano Silvani. CEO of Simol S.p.A.
Simol specialises in the design and production of trailer jacks and wheel jacks for use with any kind of towed machinery. Our company started in the agricultural machinery sector but then extended its activities to car trailers, industrial trailers and semi-trailers, construction machinery and finally– more recently – to road maintenance, airport maintenance and snow-making equipment sectors.

We have been able to set up a flexible organisational structure which allows us to offer our customers tailor made solutions, according to efficient industrial production methods.

Over the years, we have always been committed to achieving continuous improvement, technological innovation, collaboration with universities and customers but especially to the continuous development of our employees, through systematic and highly specialised training.

Valter Righetti, R&D manager
Simol’s mission has always been to pursue innovation and invest in research and development. This is the reason why we have developed Novel Jack, to be part of Precision Agriculture.
Novel Jack is a smart and interactive jack which can communicate with the vehicles to which it is connected through the ISOBUS protocol.

Thanks to the advanced sensors it is equipped with, the jack is able to detect any dangerous situations and it can also operate in a completely automatic way.

Marco Manzotti, Sales Manager
Today, Simol’s products are supplied in 50 countries around the world. Some of our reference markets are Canada and South Africa, where we have been operating for many decades. More recently we have invested in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Lately, we also added Russia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
Why do customers choose Simol?

Because we are able not only to offer our products at a certain price, but also provide expert advice which helps customers find the best product, the most suitable to their application.

Vittorio Silvani, Founder of Simol S.p.A.
These characteristics make us stand out and be a reference company in the sector, all over the world.

The excellence acknowledged in the world

Since then, Simol's strategy has proved itself successful: currently they supply the largest manufacturers operating in the sector in 50 different countries, providing an efficient and reliable service. A commitment to maintaining high quality standards, a wide range of products, flexibility in production, the ability to customize: these are the principles that allow Simol to guarantee the reliability of their products.

It's range of products is unique on the market both for its high quality standards and for the variety of products available. Indeed, high quality has always been the mainstay of Simol's tradition, and strict quality controls are applied at all stages of production.

Simol products are the result of a synthesis between expertise and innovation: investments in advanced production technology and the training of highly qualified operators allow the ever more sophisticated market demand to be met with accuracy and professionalism.

Our experience by your side

In order to respond to evolving market conditions, Simol has a flexible, efficient and strongly client-orientated organizational structure. As demand for special products continues to grow, Simol offers not only a wide and improved range of products, but also a long term partnership with clients, geared to responding to specific requirements with customized solutions, from the design stage onwards.

We strongly believe that you are not just clients and we work hard not to be just suppliers. 

This is the level of product and service that SIMOL can always offer you, this is the company model that we at SIMOL strive to maintain. By your side. 
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