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SIMOL takes care of every customers individually and in every detail, because we recognize the value of the trust you place in us. To do our job better, we know that it is necessary to dialogue with each customer in order to offer them not only a tailor-made product but also a tailor-made service.

Ours is a highly-specialised job: to supply a specific component to the leading machinery and trailer manufacturers all over the world.
We give our best in every step of the supply chain, from production, to customization, to logistics and assistance and advice.
Custom-made flanges to suit every installation requirement
Customers need to be able to install our supports rapidly and accurately. 
For this reason we carefully design all fixing systems to ensure they are quick and easy to install. 
Different packaging for different needs

Careful logistics management
To make your work easier, good packaging is essential.
Logistics are optimised for ideal integration with your production line.
Tailor-made advice and assistance 
A flexible and precisely tailored customer service, interacting with you in a range of different languages, understanding and recognising your needs and providing you with the answers you are looking for.